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Shandong Quality Supervision Bureau announced the random inspection results of the second batch of insulating glass products

the results of the provincial supervision and random inspection of the quality of the second batch of insulating glass products in 2013 released by Shandong Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision on the 23rd showed that 6 enterprises failed to meet the requirements of relevant standards with 6 batches of products reaching the deicing industry

a total of 30 batches of insulating glass products produced by 30 enterprises in the province were spot checked. According to the requirements of gb/t insulating glass and other standards, the thickness of insulating glass products, the thickness of double sealing outer sealing adhesive layer, sealing performance and dew point were tested

the spot check found that six batches of products from six enterprises did not meet the requirements of relevant standards, and the unqualified items involved finding the best material channel seal, the thickness of the outer sealing rubber layer and the sealing performance

provincial supervision and spot check results of insulating glass product quality summary of different spring materials and sizes are the maximum experimental forces different? Summary table

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