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Wuwei, Gansu Province: the ecological environment of natural grasslands has been significantly improved

release date: Source: Gansu Forestry and grassland Bureau

Gan this has led to a rare stable situation in Turkish politics. During the 13th Five Year Plan period, Wuwei City, Jiangsu Province organized and implemented a number of grassland ecological protection and restoration projects, such as comprehensive management of mountains, rivers, forests, fields, lakes and grasses, and grassland ecological restoration and governance, completed an investment of 215million, and built a grassland fence of 2.789 million mu, 909400 mu of degraded grassland has been improved by supplementary sowing, 225100 mu of artificial feeding grassland, 59000 mu of toxic grass control, 5.3377 million mu of rat and pest control, 21.7079 million mu of grazing forbidden grassland has been fully implemented, 42% of grass and livestock balance has been fully improved, and 71100 mu of technical docking effect has been fully improved. Grassland vegetation has been effectively restored, and the ecological environment of natural grassland has been significantly improved. By 2020, the coverage of grassland vegetation in the city will reach 42.92%

during the "14th five year plan" period, Wuwei city will continue to promote grassland ecological protection, restoration and management, focusing on the three articles of "protection", "restoration" and "utilization", closely focusing on the goal of "building an ecological security barrier in the West and accelerating the construction of an ecological city". Strengthen grassland ecological protection. Strictly implement the basic grassland protection system. 8. The counter: 99999999, which can be preset to ensure that the quality of the basic grassland does not decline and the use does not change. The basic grassland will be included in the ecological red line according to law. Strictly control the examination and approval of grassland requisition and occupation, strictly control the conversion of grassland to construction land, strengthen the protection of grassland resources in key ecological functional areas and areas with sensitive and fragile ecological environment, prohibit the reclamation of grassland, and prohibit the unauthorized change of grassland use. We will strengthen law enforcement and supervision on grasslands, and severely crack down on all kinds of violations of laws and regulations, such as man-made destruction of grasslands and illegal occupation of grasslands. The investigation and handling rate of grassland violations has reached 100%. Comprehensively implement the grazing prohibition and grass livestock balance system, and prohibit overloading and overgrazing. Strengthen grassland ecological restoration. By 2025, 600000 mu of grassland fences will be built, and 840000 mu of degraded grassland will be improved. 3. The machine can also do steel pipe zigzag experiments by adding accessories. 300000 mu of artificial grass will be planted for high-yield artificial grassland, 110000 mu of toxic grass control, 1.325 million mu of rat pest control, 875000 mu of insect pest control, 51800 mu of cropland will be returned to grassland, and 8000 sets of forage processing machinery will be purchased. The comprehensive vegetation coverage of grassland reached 42.95%

make rational use of grassland resources. On the premise of protecting grassland resources, make scientific and rational use of grassland resources, fully tap grassland history and culture, grassland folk customs and unique grassland natural scenery, support and guide farmers and herdsmen and social people to participate in the development and operation of grassland ecological products and grassland tourism industry, and provide high-quality and high-quality grassland ecological products for the society. At the same time, actively explore the industrialization development of grassland ecological restoration, and encourage farmers and herdsmen to participate in the construction of grassland ecological restoration projects in the form of individuals and cooperatives, so that farmers and herdsmen can obtain more benefits in ecological protection and restoration

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