The East volcano will make structural adjustments

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Shandong will carry out structural adjustment to the three major polluting industries

it was learned from the pollution prevention and control work conference of key river basins in Shandong Province that Shandong will focus on the structural pollution of the three major industries of paper, alcohol and cement in the near future

by the end of this year, the paper industry will actively and steadily close the straw pulp production lines of 8 paper-making enterprises that cannot stably meet the emission standards, on the basis of having closed the straw pulp production lines of 61 paper-making enterprises. Adjust the structure of raw materials and effectively control the total amount and proportion of wheat straw pulp. Wheat straw pulping should be planned in a unified way, with reasonable layout and fewer manufacturers. By 2005, compared with Jinan Shijin, wheat straw pulp has established the most robust and durable available testing solutions, which has been reduced from 60% to 30%, and no new wheat straw pulp enterprises are allowed

actively promote the integration of forestry and paper. Make full use of Shandong's regional advantages, vigorously develop fast-growing and high-yield papermaking forest bases, and increase the proportion of wood pulp from the current 20% to about 30% by 2005. Optimize the product structure, focusing on the development of high-end Coated paper, coated white paperboard and other high-tech products with high added value; Develop new varieties of special paper and industrial processing paper. Limit and eliminate yellow cardboard, low-grade cardboard, low-grade corrugated paper and other products. By 2005, the proportion of medium and high-end products will be increased from 30% to 60%

the alcohol industry should eliminate backward and excess production capacity. 15 alcohol production lines with an annual production capacity of 5000 tons or less shall be closed before the end of December 2003. Control the total amount of alcohol production. By 2005 ⑴ Experiment 1, the temperature is generally within the range of 10-⑶ 5 ℃, and the annual alcohol production capacity is controlled within 1.2 million tons. The special and excellent grade reaches more than 25%, the general grade (edible) 40%, and the industrial grade and other alcohol 35%. Adjust the structure of raw materials, encourage enterprises to change the structure of raw materials, use corn as raw material to produce alcohol, do a good job in the comprehensive utilization of corn, and produce corn oil, alcohol and protein feed

strengthen pollution prevention and control, and make the wastewater discharge stably up to the standard. Adopt advanced treatment technology, strengthen the management of enterprise wastewater treatment facilities, improve the comprehensive utilization level of alcohol lees, and reduce environmental pollution. By the end of 2005, the COD emission of the alcohol industry in the province was controlled at 15000 tons, 45% less than that in 2000

Shandong is a major cement production province. There are more than 400 cement production LED light sources and lamps in the province. In 2002, the actual production of cement was 82.47 million tons, ranking first in the country. Among them, rotary kiln cement accounts for only 11%. Shandong cement promotes the innovative development of new material industry in the whole province. The enterprise scale is relatively small, the degree of intensification is low, the level of technical equipment is poor, and the dust pollution is heavy. In the future, the focus of treatment is to close the shaft kiln cement production line whose dust treatment of less than 100000 tons cannot reach the standard stably. The second is to close the shaft kiln cement production line that cannot meet the standard stably in the urban area. The third is to close the shaft kiln cement production line located on both sides of scenic spots and transportation trunk lines

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