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In 2013, the economic growth rate of Thailand's printing and packaging industry was 4-5%

according to the news of Thailand's world on July 15, Mani, chairman of the Thai printing and Packaging Association, said that Thailand's technology in the printing and packaging industry. Polyurethane waterproof coatings produced in China in the early stage were tar modified technology, which can be regarded as a first-class technology in the eastern alliance countries, because Thailand has the entire industrial chain from upstream to downstream, including pulp, paper Plastic, cups, and packaging. The printing and packaging industry, like the agricultural products processing industry and the food industry, has maintained rapid growth

there are many enterprises engaged in the printing and packaging industry in Thailand, including about 300 large enterprises. The market value of the printing and packaging industry is about 400 billion baht every year. On the whole, the growth of the printing and packaging industry is in direct proportion to the economic growth rate of Thailand. It is expected that the industry will grow by% in 2013, of which 70% is for other software features. Here, domestic consumption will not be introduced one by one, and others will be exported as commodity packaging, such as agricultural product processing, cosmetics packaging, etc

however, the industry still faces the problem of lack of personnel, especially the shortage of skilled technicians. At the same time, the industry depends on foreign high-tech technology, and the logistics cost is higher than that of other countries. The logistics problem is an important factor affecting the costs of various industries in Thailand

Jia calcium, chairman of the association of printing and packaging industry, said that at present, Thailand is ready to welcome the arrival of the ASEAN economic community, because Thailand is the first in ASEAN in terms of printing and packaging technology. It has surpassed Singapore three or four years ago, with a total of 300billion baht of packaging consumed. After AEC, it is expected that the export of printed matter and packaging will increase from 60billion baht to 100billion baht, and 70% will be exported to ASEAN countries. At present, the growth rate of the industry has fallen from double digits to 7 or 8%, because the Chinese economy has released a slowdown signal, making the industry turn to Europe and the United States for exports, but the EU economy is still not very prosperous. However, Japanese companies' imports of Thai printing and packaging increased because of their increased investment in Thailand

in the seminar on the development of Thailand's printing and packaging industry into a leader in ASEAN, the Minister of science and technology pilapang said that the government has relevant policies to improve the competitiveness of Thai industry, so as to make Thailand separate from middle-income countries and enter the ranks of high-income countries, and reduce the domestic gap between the rich and the poor. At the same time, promote the promotion of research industry, which currently accounts for only 0.2% of GDP, to 1%, including government and private enterprise investment in research. Although the government is now the major investor in the research industry, it is believed that in the future, the investment of private enterprises in the research industry will account for 70% of the total, while the proportion of government investment will be reduced to 30%. In view of the fact that most research results in Thailand cannot meet the needs of private enterprises in recent days, the government will take the lead in adjusting the direction and methods of research so that the research results can meet the needs of the industry

in order to comply with the arrival of AEC in 2015, the science and technology service department under the Ministry of science and technology provides food packaging quality assessment services for operators. Operators can apply to the science and technology service department for relevant help, because the competition in food export is increasingly fierce, product packaging is also very important, and its quality must be equal to or better than that of competitors

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