The labor union of zhihuotui Co., Ltd. held a tug

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On the morning of December 30, 2016, the labor union of Shantui Co., Ltd. held a tug of war for employees to welcome the new year. Zhang Xiuwen, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the board of directors of the company, and other company leaders at home came to the scene. Sun Keji, deputy secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the labor union of the company, announced the beginning of the new year's tug of war for Shantui employees, which is "tenacious and indomitable, striving to be strong". Heads of Party organizations and trade union organizations of units directly under the central government watched the competition

240 members from 16 teams directly under the company participated in the competition, and 160 cheerleaders cheered for the team during the competition. All departments sent out the strongest team, highlighting the determination to work together and strive for the first place bravely. During the competition, the teams united as one, and the rhythmic cries and cheers echoed over the field for a long time. On the field, the team members rubbed their hands and were full of fighting spirit. They clenched the long rope with both hands and worked together. Even if the sub zero cold did not dampen the enthusiasm of the employees, the bugle "one, two... One, two..." resounded throughout the field. At the critical moment when it was difficult to decide the outcome, everyone did not retreat. Even if they fell, they clenched their teeth and insisted to the end. With their sweat, they interpreted the connotation of unity and struggle. Their indomitable perseverance and fighting spirit moved everyone present who met the national experimental motor standards. Off the court, the cheerleaders were enthusiastic and cheered one after another, adding a powerful force to the contestants' power on for one hour a week. The fierce competition on site pushed the whole activity to a climax

the labor union of Shantui Co., Ltd. held a tug of war competition for workers to welcome the new year

after 15 rounds of fierce competition, team 1 of the bulldozer division and team 2 of the crawler chassis division won the first and second places respectively in the tug of war competition, and team 2 of the security and environment department and team 2 of the bulldozer division won the third place

before the competition, the company's labor union organized eight experienced branch chairmen to conduct three reviews and on-site simulations of the competition plan, and planned the entry and exit routes at the competition site, carefully prepared the lottery rules, and accurately divided the competition boundaries. After careful preparation, the competition order and reasonable arrangement of the competition were ensured

this tug of war competition not only enriched the employees' spiritual and cultural life, exercised the employees' healthy physique, but also showed the company's employees' spirit of unity and cooperation, perseverance and perseverance. 3. Bridging agent perseverance, with high morale to meet the arrival of the new year. (this article is from Shantui)

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