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Manufacturing Upgrading Engine: high and new technology supports modern service industry

in 2013, JPMorgan Chase China executives predicted that the service industry will replace heavy industry and investment and become the most important growth bright spot of China's economy in the coming years. The modern service industry supported by high and new technology has become a new engine to promote the upgrading of China's manufacturing industry

modern service industry comes into being with the development of information technology and knowledge economy. It uses modern new technology, new business forms and new service methods to transform traditional service industry, create demand, guide consumption, and provide society with high value-added, high-level, knowledge-based production services and living services. Of course, modern services use clamping devices on both sides to clamp samples. The industry can be divided into multiple levels. Jin Min has developed spray free materials such as ABS, PP, pc/asa and pc/abs, ranging from the clothing, food, housing and transportation of ordinary people, to cultural, educational and scientific research services, and then to the operation of state organs and governments

China's new leaders are vigorously promoting the development of domestic service industry. Premier Li Keqiang once said that the service industry should be built into a new engine for sustainable economic and social development. Vigorously developing the service industry is not only an important measure to stabilize growth and ensure employment, but also a strategic choice to adjust and optimize the structure and create an upgraded version of China's economy

modern service industry and high-tech are emerging industries with rapid development. The coupling of the two is conducive to promoting the healthy, stable and efficient development of China's economy

at present, the domestic manufacturing industry is developing rapidly, but although the total amount is large (it has surpassed the United States to become the world's number one industrial country), the height of technical installation of anchor screws is very low, and it is still unable to compare with developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan in the short term. For example, there is a lot of room for upgrading technology and equipment in the testing field of domestic manufacturing products

at present, domestic manufacturing plants generally use manual testing, especially in some testing industries with great technical difficulties, there is great potential for machine replacement, such as the Nd-Fe-B magnetic material industry, where products have many shapes and small sizes, but the detection accuracy is very high (it needs to meet the requirements of a few microns). Such detection requirements have exceeded the limits of human competence, and automatic high-tech equipment must be used

the research and development process of this kind of automatic testing equipment is a model of high-tech boosting modern service industry. The purpose of equipment research and development is to provide testing services for manufacturers, and high-tech has become the means and way to achieve services

Beijing lingbang Instrument Technology Co., Ltd., a research and development unit that provides testing services for the NdFeB industry, is a representative of a high-tech enterprise that promotes the upgrading of the manufacturing industry with high and new technology. The company advocates customized testing services, combines technological innovation with demand innovation, pays attention to user experience, deeply excavates user needs, customized solutions, customized research and development of testing equipment and provides perfect after-sales services

the R & D team of the company is composed of machinery, electronics, control, software, vision and other departments. The newly developed Nd-Fe-B workpiece size and appearance inspection equipment has been gradually applied in the industry, which has played a positive role in improving the production and inspection efficiency of manufacturers in the Nd-Fe-B industry. As a result, the equipment has also been recognized as a new technology and new product by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, and has become a high-end equipment mainly supported by the national independent innovation demonstration zone

we can see from the above cases that technological innovation is the support and demand innovation is the service-oriented. Only the perfect combination of the two can achieve a strong driving force to promote industrial upgrading

there are not a few enterprises that devote high and new technology to promoting the development of modern service industry, and thus achieve good results. The development of China's manufacturing industry in recent years has confirmed this. In addition, because the service is closely related to the place of consumption, where the consumption demand is booming, the service point will go there. Therefore, compared with foreign advanced equipment, the equipment developed by domestic scientific and technological enterprises such as lingbang instrument, which has a fast running speed, is more grounded, more suitable for the local market, and has great development potential

nowadays, the pace of world economic globalization is accelerating, and all countries in the world are in a period of re change and adjustment of industrial structure. As a developing country, promoting the coupling of modern service industry and high-tech industry and accelerating industrial adjustment and upgrading are of great significance to promote the development of China's manufacturing industry

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