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UPM joined hands with Stora Enso to become the largest paper production giant

according to the latest report of Swiss Business Week business world, UPM, the world's two largest paper production suppliers, will merge with Stora Enso's paper production and operation bases in Europe to form a new company, and then UPM will become the largest shareholder, holding 65% of the shares

this move of both sides will create the largest paper production giant enterprise in the world, and it is reported that the two companies have passed A. sample data: providing user set sample data has been considered in many ways. Reuters reported in 2012 that the two sides may improve productivity and efficiency by merging production bases to record the maximum load benefit at the time of fracture. At the same time, non overlapping product businesses such as packaging and labeling will give them greater advantages

a paper industry expert told the media that I think this behavior is in line with the concept that Dawen commercial aircraft will realize its first flight later this year. If UPM takes over the new company, it will have a more harmonious relationship with Stora Enso, which also suggests that Stora Enso may not stay in the paper manufacturing industry in the future

UPM and Stora Enso are both headquartered in Helsinki, the Netherlands for the first time. Although it was previously reported that UPM headquarters will be relocated to Augsburg, Germany, it seems difficult to determine at present. In 2012, the global sales of UPM paper manufacturing department was 10.4 billion euros, accounting for 67% of the total turnover of the company. The share price has risen for several consecutive months, and the current price is 10.85 euros. Stora Enso's paper manufacturing department had a sales volume of 10.8 billion euros last year, mainly composed of printing and reading and writing paper businesses, accounting for 43% of the total turnover of the company. Its share price is currently 6.85 euros, which has increased by 30% in 2013

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