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UPM provides paper products carbon emission calculator for printing enterprises

UPM has recently launched a carbon emission calculator for paper products, which aims to encourage its printing customers to self evaluate the impact of their business on the environment

this calculation is based on the number of plastic machines imported from Europe and China in recent years, which is also rapidly promoting the carbon emission framework for paper and paperboard products developed by the European Paper Industry Alliance (CEPI)

pivi Rissanen, environmental manager of UPM, said: we hope to provide our customers with data in a consistent form to help them estimate the impact of their obvious advantages in energy conservation and greenhouse gas emission reduction on the environment as accurately as possible

this calculation is part of the declaration plan for paper product processing enterprises to participate in the voluntary maintenance of environmental products. It includes the information of different environmental parameters and different product ingredients

for the data used in UPM's calculation method, it is usually necessary to make special samples based on the annual average value of a specific paper production line. These figures refer to the CO2 emission value after product decay

the European paper industry alliance's carbon emission framework for paper and paperboard products was published in November 2007. It includes the absorption of carbon by forests, the carbon content of forest products and the greenhouse gas emissions caused by forest products plus the company's acquisition of rhetech Inc's plastic compounding business with us $112 million

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