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Introduction to an upgraded sample of "made in China": starting from a county in the Yangtze River Delta, Wanfeng concentrated an upgraded sample of made in China, growing into a singles champion and a modular champion, and then across the global layout of four major industries, leading intelligent manufacturing

one night many years ago, Chen Ailian suddenly woke up from her dream and sat up from bed. what's the matter with you? The husband asked her. She calmed down for a moment and said: nothing

during that time, a large investment may not be able to recover the principal and interest as scheduled, and Chen Ailian was under great pressure. After all, as the chairman of the board of directors of Wanfeng group, she is the decision-maker and the final decision maker. And for Wanfeng at that time, this was not a small sum of money

after a few months, this investment was successfully recovered, and then it was slowly forgotten like a spray on the river of time. From the beginning to the end, everyone, including her husband beside her, didn't know that she had been anxious and sleepless about the money. In the eyes of more than 10000 employees of Wanfeng group, their chairman of the board of directors has always been the capable woman who will never fail and never worry

Photography: Shi Xiaobing

Chen Ailian is a perfectionist to the letter. In public, as long as she appears, she will wear a long skirt with bright colors and draw appropriate makeup, elegant and exquisite. Among the manufacturing entrepreneurs in China, she is definitely a unique landscape

this is an industry full of masculinity. Aluminum ingots are poured into the furnace and turned into red metal liquid. After die casting, cooling and grinding, they become hard wheels. It seems that even the air is full of the smell of male hormones. The fierce competition in the industry is beyond people's imagination

like the Zhejiang Merchants Group where Chen Ailian belongs, she is low-key, daring and always feels a sense of crisis. How to find entry points to enter the market, how to win a place in the fierce competition, how to control risks in different economic cycles, and how to choose opportunities for transformation and internationalization. Chen Ailian led Wanfeng group to find the answers to these propositions, and also condensed a typical sample of the transformation and upgrading of made in China

at present, Wanfeng group has transformed and upgraded from auto parts to general aviation, a trillion level industry. Coupled with intelligent equipment, robots and financial investment, Wanfeng group has formed a development trend of four industries, with eight business divisions, more than 20 production bases, covering three continents and more than 10 countries, and has realized five internationalization of capital, management, technology, brand and talent

with each transformation, Wanfeng will enter a larger market than before, and new risks and challenges will follow. For Chen Ailian, if the transformation is successful, her dream of building Wanfeng into a century old enterprise has taken another big step forward. If it fails, Wanfeng will not fail! Chen Ailian said firmly

implant ingenuity

in the first month of 1995, Wanfeng motorcycle products were in short supply. Chen Ailian arranged workers to work overtime to produce overloaded products, and rushed out 1470 products worth more than 600000 yuan. During the delivery inspection, these products were found to have extremely subtle cracks, but they still meet the industry product standards and do not affect the normal use. Many manufacturers rushed to get them

Chen Ailian made a decision that made many people puzzled or even shocked: scrap it all

at the on-site quality analysis meeting held immediately, the production personnel, quality inspectors and workshop directors came to the stage one by one to review and seriously deal with people. Chen Ailian warned everyone: If enterprises produce inferior products, it is a waste of social resources and a crime to society

you should know that this is the fledgling Wanfeng group, and the loss of 600000 yuan is likely to put the enterprise in trouble. At that time, made in China was not so demanding on quality. But Chen Ailian obviously sees further. She wants to integrate the craftsman spirit of excellence into the hearts of every employee and become the soul of the company

this vision is not easy for an enterprise that is still struggling in the cracks. However, it doesn't seem surprising that it happened to Chen Ailian. She has an inborn strength to admit defeat

when Chen Ailian was a young girl, Xinchang County assigned a tractor to her township. At that time, tractors were absolutely rare. Shaoxing City, which Xinchang County belongs to, had only four tractors in total for a long time. Moreover, driving a tractor was also a very glorious career in that era, no less than flying an airplane now. In the third set of RMB issued in 1962, the back of the one yuan face value is a girl driving a tractor

Chen Ailian had already signed up for the three-month training course for walking tractor drivers. Her performance was better than that of most of the male students in the class. She dared to get on the train the next day. But the problem is that according to the unwritten rules at that time, the number of tractor drivers was actually set for a demobilized soldier. Chen said that the project was jointly invested by Hangzhou HuaSu Industrial Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Dahua Plastic Co., Ltd. to build Ailian, obviously there was no opportunity. If it was someone else, she might give up, but she didn't. Without telling her family, she came to the county by herself and found the stationmaster of the county agricultural machinery station who was in charge of this matter. She finally moved the stationmaster and forcibly got another quota. She became a tractor driver with veterans

Chen Ailian never seems to want to fail. If you think clearly, do it and make it. This is her consistent style

at the end of 1993, Wanfeng decided to cut into the aluminum wheel project. Without its own plant, it built a simple shed above the corridor between the two plant rooms and began to start. At that time, we were an enterprise without funds, equipment and workshops. Chen Ailian said

to ensure the basic annual production scale, in addition to the plant, it also needs production equipment worth 1million yuan and working capital of 500000 yuan, which Chen Ailian does not have. The working capital of 500000 yuan loaned and the four gravity casting machines sold on credit are Chen Ailian's overall chips

she decided to give it a go. Entering the stage of wheel hub trial production, she did another almost crazy thing. She disassembled the wheel hub of a brand-new Yamaha motorcycle imported from Japan, which her husband gave her as a birthday gift, and used it as a trial production sample. She and the technical backbone team measured technical parameters, drew drawings, made casting molds, and carried out the trial production of aluminum alloy motorcycle wheels according to the same pattern, fighting all night long

after more than 100 days and nights, the first product was finally made

after the tearful incident of smashing the wheel hub in early 1995, the quality of Wanfeng aluminum wheel was recognized by the market in the battle of thousands of troops. By 1996, in just two years, Wanfeng's production scale of aluminum alloy friction wheels ranked second in China. This stimulated Chen Ailian's greater entrepreneurial ambition, and then launched the automotive aluminum wheel project

since then, Chen Ailian led the team to go abroad frequently to learn advanced technology and management experience

once, she led a technical backbone team to Japan to specially inspect 12 century old enterprises such as okaya Steel Machinery Co., Ltd. The production, operation and management level shown by the chairman and general manager of some enterprises are not all very excellent, and several general managers are even inferior to the workshop director of Wanfeng at that time. Chen Ailian recalled

but what moves Chen Ailian is that these century old stores have their own distinctive corporate culture, the most prominent of which is that they pay special attention to craftsmanship, which has become the blood and bone marrow of every enterprise and is rooted in the heart of every employee

after that visit, Chen Ailian decided to temper the soul of ingenuity and deeply integrate it into the corporate culture, and took providing customers with satisfactory products and high-quality services as the mission of the enterprise

we later summed up three sentences: without strategy, there is no direction; No culture, no soul; There is no future without innovation. Chen Ailian said

M & a transformation

in each transformation and upgrading of Wanfeng, Chen Ailian is the most important initiator and promoter. She is very confident in her strategic vision and can accurately find the direction in which Wanfeng should transform every time

this may be a gift. She said. But at first, the executive team was not as confident as herself. For her, every transformation and upgrading is a war. In addition to the competitors in the market, there are also different opinions from within the group, typically overseas acquisitions

chairman Chen attaches great importance to drawing on the strengths of others. Xu Zhiliang, former deputy secretary of the Party committee of Wanfeng group, who has worked with Chen Ailian for many years, said. In his opinion, Chen Ailian is particularly good at making foreign things serve China, and the most direct embodiment of taking the path from bringing doctrine to independent innovation is mergers and acquisitions

for every overseas enterprise successfully integrated, Chen Ailian will let the Chinese national flag and the Wanfeng company flag fly high over the overseas sky. Picture source: provided by the respondent

in November 2013, Wanfeng Group invested 1.53 billion yuan to bring the global leader of magnesium alloy industry, Canada magnesium Redding

at that time, the industry said that Wanfeng lost money in this deal. Chen Ailian doesn't think so. She said that if you are really an enterprise, you can't focus on the immediate interests. The industrial value of Mg Ruiding is very strong, which can not only be stronger, but also bigger and longer! The industrial value she mentioned is mainly reflected in the life cycle of industrial development, the position of enterprises in the industry and the future market prospects

mg Ruiding currently has six production bases and R & D centers in five countries around the world, and maintains long-term cooperative relations with Tesla, Porsche and other world high-end automobile brands. In the magnesium alloy die-casting auto parts market in North America, Mg Ruiding has a market share of 65%

in Chen Ailian's view, the growth potential of magnesium alloy industry in the later stage is huge, especially in China. Due to the strong demand for magnesium alloy materials in the aviation and aerospace fields, there is still a high growth period of at least 30 to 50 years

in fact, after Wanfeng acquired mg Ruiding, its market competitiveness, operation and management level, premium ability and so on have been greatly improved. This has laid a foundation and provided ideas for Wanfeng's market development and overseas mergers and acquisitions in other product areas in the next stage. Chen Ailian said

Shi liming, director of the chairman's office of Wanfeng group, said that in the past, Chinese enterprises could only manufacture fist sized magnesium alloy products at most, but now through Wanfeng's unique thin-wall die-casting technology, they can manufacture a whole magnesium alloy automobile inner door panel. At the time of acquiring mg Ruiding, the company's annual profit was less than 30million yuan, but after the integrated operation of Wanfeng, it contributed dozens of times of profits to the listed company Wanfeng Aowei in 2016 alone. Chairman Chen is a person who must do it when he sees it right. He said with a smile

Wanfeng's smart factory is another project that Chen Ailian must complete

since 2014, machine replacement has become a hot word in the industrial field. Chen Ailian keenly captured this information. According to the actual situation of Wanfeng, she automatically drew a piece of wisdom

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