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New application of UPR: simulation non burning composite board

upr (unsaturated resin) has a new application - imitating the national standard GB8624 (9) 7, the combustion performance of building materials is divided into the following grades: real stone non burning composite decorative board is eye-catching. The pace of household upgrading is accelerating day by day, and manufacturers are also constantly innovating in line with market demand. Which elements will become the popular trend of household this year? New products will appear in the household fashion trend this year, such as "simulated stone fire-free composite decorative board", which is a hot scene of high-tech products. This year, the cross-border integration of fashion and home will be more obvious. Although the shape of furniture is more strange, it is convenient and practical. Simulated stone fire-free composite decorative board will be widely used and reflected with its bright new elements. In addition, the concept of environmental protection in home decoration will also be further rooted in the hearts of the people. Like fashion, household products will show more similarities in the use of materials this year. In line with the increasing needs of people at present, simulated stone non burning composite decorative panels will be more used in household products this year. On the other hand, because the simulated stone non burning composite decorative board can create a unique natural style with creativity, it can be predicted that the simulated stone non burning composite decorative board will be very popular this year

the emergence of this important business opportunity is a good project to get rich in 2009, which undoubtedly provides a way for many small and medium-sized investment entrepreneurs to start their own businesses. Real stone non burning composite decorative board is a new type of decoration material, which does not need to make a keel on the wall, but only uses ordinary wall glue to stick to the wall. The middle layer of the decorative board is a wood grain or stone grain decorative layer, and the upper and bottom layers are unsaturated polyester resin composite layers. Compared with the current technology content is the key. Compared with the decorative board, the simulated stone fire-free composite decorative board has good waterproof performance. Waterproof on both sides, it can not only decorate the reception room and bedroom, but also decorate the washroom and kitchen, which has the advantage of vivid image. Because the decorative board is in direct contact with the wall, there will be no hollow drum sound, especially the marble and granite texture can be confused with the real. At the same time, this new product has beautiful surface gloss, high hardness, strong toughness, and is very convenient to use. The most important point is that the imitation stone non burning composite decorative board is safe and non-toxic: production workers can even operate without gloves. So it is called "green" material. Recently, the state stipulates that granite and marble are forbidden in high-rise buildings because the foundation is too heavy and too heavy to accept. At the same time, its price is becoming more and more expensive, more than 500 yuan per square meter and high radiation

the chemical building materials produced with inorganic chemical materials and organic synthetic polymer materials as the main raw materials have great market potential in China. According to relevant experts' estimates, the market capacity of chemical building materials in China has reached about 800billion yuan only in decoration and decoration. Experts said that under the current situation, using "simulated stone non burning composite decorative board" is both affordable and luxurious, If the machine is in standby mode and the simulated stone non burning composite decorative board is purchased during the decoration process, keep an eye on the price of the main material. In order to achieve a satisfactory decoration effect according to the actual needs of their own decoration of small homes, in 2009, the simulated stone fire-free composite decorative board paid for people's home decoration. It is expected that in the future, the imitation stone non burning composite decorative board will dominate and monopolize the entire building materials decoration market. At present, the imitation stone non burning composite decorative board has obtained the patent of the people's Republic of China with the patent number of zl 0 It has the characteristics of oil resistance, water resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, flame retardancy, bright as a mirror, etc. the pattern pattern is arbitrarily selected, the size is arbitrarily determined, the thickness is between 0.2 ~ 3mm, and it can also be 5mm. The surface strength is very high, the overall toughness is good, and the thin can be rolled into a barrel. It is widely used in the decoration of internal and external walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, woodwork, billboards, craft paintings, plaques, etc. Many people value patents before they buy them, because what the state recognizes must be the best and consumers can buy it with confidence

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