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UPM China funded school enterprise cooperative scientific research project recently, 14 teachers and students from Wuhan University and Beijing Institute of printing, as the final team of the school enterprise cooperative scientific research project funded by UPM China, paid a four-day visit to Jiangsu Changshu paper mill in UPM China and competed for the final victory

UPM Changshu paper mill is a wholly-owned subsidiary of UPM group, the world forestry and paper giant, in China, and it is also the largest single investment project of Finland in China

Zhang Yi, director of marketing department of UPM Asia Pacific, pointed out: we found that (1) comparing the shrinkage deformation and destruction of low carbon steel and cast iron, for today's college students, what they need most may not be a bonus, but the experience of intimate contact with enterprises and accumulation of practical experience related to their future work

different from the University's own scientific research projects, the school enterprise cooperative scientific research projects funded by UPM pay special attention to combining the market environment, the practice of enterprise production, sales and operation, and the selected topics are those that are truly likely to have a significant impact on the development decisions of enterprises. The answer to these scientific research projects is not in the reference room of the library, but whether we can grasp the downward trend of the industry through various channels of research

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