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Upgrading the container handling capacity of Jinzhou Port

Jinzhou Port recently welcomed the "new Beilun", a container ship with a length of 263.23 meters, a carrying capacity of 51000 tons, and a maximum transportation capacity of 4250 TEUs that can be "beyond the reach" of domestic instruments. This is the largest and longest container ship that Jinzhou port has handled since it launched container business for 10 years

at the end of 2005, the two special container berths 207 and 208 built by Jinzhou port with an investment of 620million yuan were officially put into operation. The new berths are 533 meters long and 15.4 meters deep. The annual throughput capacity of the two berths can reach 600000 TEUs. It provides hardware conditions for the port to develop containers on a larger scale, and also provides more convenient, fast and efficient container transportation for customers in the hinterland, in-depth implementation of green manufacturing engineering services

the throughput of Jinzhou Port exceeded 24million tons in 2004, achieving the development goal of "fighting for the Tenth Five Year Plan and building another Jinzhou Port" proposed by the port in the early years of the tenth five year plan one year in advance, and completing the planning goal set at the beginning of the port's construction 16 years in advance. By 2015, Jinzhou Port will build a tension testing machine with an annual throughput of more than 100 million tons, which is suitable for regional and multi-functional hub ports of chemical consumption enterprises. (end)

information source: Xinhua

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