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UPM launches recyclable and biodegradable impermeable paper

UPM will launch a new series of recyclable and biodegradable impermeable paper, UPM swanbarrier and UPM swanbarrier light. These special one-sided coated impermeable papers are made with water vapor barrier and/or moderate grease resistance. The main end uses are bread bags for crusty bread, or packaging paper for biscuits and greasy food

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upm swanbar such materials meet the dynamic strength index, and the copolymerization performance and wax content of the rier and UPM swanbarrier catalysts are better than the imported catalyst Z501 light, which has a unique functional combination that other papers do not have, and is made of renewable wood fibers that do not contain plastic or fluoride, so it can be completely recycled and degradable. Because it is made, there is no need for transportation between the manufacturer and the cutter

upm swanbarrier has 65gsm and 60gs, while UPM swanbarrier light has 45gsm and 55gsm. These two kinds of paper are processed at UPM's JMS River paper mill in Finland

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