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UPM profi platform board won the European Enterprise Environmental Protection Award

UPM profi platform board won the second prize of the product category of the Finnish national clean technology award of the European Enterprise Environmental Protection Award. UPM profi platform board is a new innovative product developed by UPM, which is mainly made of recycled materials. The selection of this award is mainly based on the environmental protection performance, innovation degree and market performance of the selected products' special-shaped contact points and high-power silver free contact technology

the Finnish national clean technology award is co organized by the Finnish innovation foundation, and the winning enterprises will automatically be promoted to participate in the European Enterprise Environmental Protection Award organized by the environment agency of the European Commission in Europe. The winners of the latest international competition will be announced in Brussels in June, 2008

upm profi platform board well demonstrates how UPM achieved innovation through product innovation. But this is only our first step. With the continuous implementation of new measures, we will make faster progress. It is really encouraging that innovative achievements can be noticed and recognized by the outside world to promote sustainable agricultural development. Although we have won the second prize of domestic competition, our goal is to win the first prize of European competition. Of course, the success of enterprises is far more important than winning the ranking in the competition. VESA sorri, vice president of UPM venture capital, stressed

upm profi platform board is suitable for visible places such as courtyards, amusement parks and docks. It combines the advantages of wood fiber and plastic, and is a model of the combination of material technology and recycling technology. This wood plastic composite material takes paper and plastic as the main raw materials, and plastic is the leftover from UPM label material production

facts have proved that this product is durable, easy to handle, and can also be used as wood. The product is easy to install and does not need to use any special chemicals for surface treatment. This composite material can also be incinerated, recycled for reproduction, or classified as domestic waste or energy waste. In other words, the UPM profi platform board is a truly environmentally friendly material

the European enterprise environmental protection award is designed to recognize in business operations to avoid loosening; Enterprises that promote sustainable development. Award winning enterprises should be leaders in environmental protection policies, products and processes. Neste oil won the competition with nex BTL renewable diesel. Trans Veritas won the third prize for its transportation chain energy audit. Mr. kimmo tiilikainen, Minister of environment of Finland, presented the award to the award-winning enterprises

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