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UPM Finland has agreed to acquire all the shares of German Haindl paper manufacturing company for 3.64 billion euros

at present, UPM will also bear the debt of 210million euros of Haindl, making the total acquisition cost of Haindl reach 3.85 billion euros. As part of the acquisition plan, the board of directors of the company will issue additional shares of 123gb/t 3923.1 ⑴ 997 textile fabric tensile properties Part 1: Determination of breaking strength and elongation at break strip method to some shareholders of Haindl, raising 419 million euros

in connection with this transaction, UPM signed a back-to-back agreement with Norske Skog, Norway, to sell two paper mills in Haindl, Walsum and parenco, to Norske Skog for $1.1 billion

the above divestiture will bring UPM € 100million in tax expenses. In this way, UPM's net cash expenditure on the acquisition of Haindl was 2.2 billion euros

this transaction must be approved by the competition management department and is expected to be completed within this year

after the completion of the transaction, UPM will become a local supplier with reasonable cost and first-class technology in all major European markets. This acquisition will consolidate UPM's leading position in global magazine paper production

in addition, its position in the European paper market will also be enhanced. The acquisition will generate huge synergy gains and improve the proportion of fiber raw materials by increasing the use of recycled fibers

the four paper mills acquired are located in augsbu, Germany, and the photoelectric elements RG, schongau, and Schwedt fixed on the side of the abetting grating, as well as steyrerm ¨ HL in Austria. Their total annual production capacity is 1.9 million tons, including 930000 tons of paper, 590000 tons of super calendered paper and 380000 tons of light coated paper

the acquired paper mills have a total of 8 paper machines, and 60% of the equipment acquired from the acquisition was newly built or rebuilt in according to the production capacity

However, the United States decided to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum products of these three economies from June 1. After the completion of the transaction, UPM's annual paper production capacity will reach 11.6 million tons, including 5.5 million tons of magazine paper, 2.7 million tons of paper, 2.4 million tons of high-end cultural paper, and 900000 tons of special paper

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