Everyone with the hottest tire is Virgo 0

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Is everyone a Virgo

scattered tires, stained walls,

greasy hands...

mention the tire store,

account for 56.9%; With equipment with a journey of 901 ~ 1100mm, does this picture immediately appear in your mind

if you answer "yes", please think about it automatically

the little partner of Zhongce Rubber store tells you that the correct opening posture of the tire store is like this

2018 Zhongce Rubber "the most beautiful exhibitor" competition has kicked off on March 24. The East China competition area is the leader. At present, more than 40 tire stores have participated in the competition, causing 100000 onlookers. Open the competition page at will, and you can see rows of neat tires, clean shelves, and bright doorways. You can't help but ask:

"are you all Virgos?"

as the saying goes, tire people without obsessive-compulsive disorder are not good shopkeepers. (yes, the saying goes)

as of March 30, the voting in the East China Division has been completed. According to the comprehensive score, the current ranking has been freshly released. The tire stores that broke into the top six in the division are:

01 Huace automobile service center in Fanchang County, Anhui Province

02 Shandong Zaozhuang champion tire collection

03 Zhejiang Ouchi tire service center

their storefront may not be richly decorated, But neatness and simplicity can better reflect the true meaning of service

04 Binbei tire store in Zhejiang Province

05 Zhejiang Province and the raw materials are easy to get Jiashan Youlun Automobile beauty center

eh, the two brothers in the fourth and fifth place look familiar

isn't this the two masters who won the top four in the Zhongce Cup last year, most of whom have better tire picking skills than Wu

picking up the tire is "fast, accurate and ruthless", and cleaning up the store is clean and tidy. Such a shopkeeper's brother, ask all car owners whether they love it

in the past two years, the owner of 06 Shandong Xiaohan Tire Service Center said, "safe! It's the nearest way home"

and this road is escorted by tires

the most beautiful Chen Liejia, waiting for you to show

2018 Zhongce Rubber "the most beautiful exhibitor" competition,

excellence continues

at present, the competition in the East China Division has temporarily come to an end,

the cumulative number of voters has exceeded 110000,

from April 3, the competition in the Northwest Division is about to kick off

interested tire owners, please register on the official platform of Zhongce Rubber.

I heard that the prizes are quite rich

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