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Upgrading is the development direction of plastic window profiles

in North America and Germany, the two largest plastic window profiles markets in the world, because the speed of building houses has begun to decline, the demand for profiles has shrunk accordingly. Relevant people pointed out that the key to opening up sales of products in the future depends on upgrading

at present, the market of plastic window profiles has spread all over the world. Experimental specification of microcomputer controlled electronic universal experimental machine: experimental machine method: q/fl ⑵ 019 "experimental specification method of computer controlled universal data experimental machine" experimental method: meet gb/t, ASTM, ISO, DIN, JIS and other experimental specification methods. Main technical specification parameters: deformation resolution: up to 1/500000; The conditioning range of force control rate: 0.005~5%fs/s. by region, the two largest plastic window profiles markets in the world are in North America and Germany, accounting for 40% and 50% of the plastic window profiles in their respective regions. Over the years, the housing construction industry in North America and Germany has flourished, and the business of plastic window profile manufacturers has also expanded to areas outside their home countries on the basis of meeting domestic demand

the peak of housing construction in Germany in the late 1990s passed, and the housing construction speed in the United States also began to decline in the second half of 1999, resulting in the smoothness of plastic window profiles, and the main market began to shrink. In response to this situation, the chairman of the German plastic window manufacturers association pointed out that for plastic window manufacturers, the development direction of the industry and the key to opening up product sales are upgrading. The analysis from the manufacturer believes that the future product quality must be high-quality, so the design of the fixture is relatively simple, and the profile will be made of composite materials with good heat insulation performance

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