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UPM magazine paper won the European Environment Award

magazine paper produced by UPM paper mills located in ranjemsenkowski, kebora, Kayani, kaukas and Rauma, Finland, has recently obtained the EU flower certification

UPM was the first company to obtain the certification of the EU environmental protection mark, which was office paper produced by its European factory. Subsequently, all kinds of coated paper named after UPM's own trademark also began to use the EU environmental protection logo

UPM claimed that in order to obtain the certification of the EU environmental protection stamp, paper mills must comply with strict carbon dioxide emission regulations and reduce energy consumption at the same time

in addition, paper mills must also meet a series of environmental protection and sustainable development requirements. For example, the hydraulic material testing machine for tensile, contraction, zigzag and other experiments, such as the use of recycled pulp or fresh pulp from sustainable forests, will affect the use of materials

Ma Ruo, vice president of environmental affairs and corporate society of UPM, tested the product list 1rja tuderman said: the EU environmental protection stamp certification shows that our products not only have superior environmental protection performance, but also have a very small impact on the surrounding environment, and are widely used in military industry

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