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After tomorrow's update, it was revealed that the top secret technology UAV system will be launched soon.

recovery and reconstruction is an important attempt in the eschatology. Since the outbreak of the virus, the science and Technology Association and the caravan have been committed to the restoration of UAV technology. Recently, their research has made significant progress. Electronic tensile testing machines appear in the laboratories of plastic injection molding and extrusion industries and should be replaced; Exhibition, UAV technology has been re realized! After January 24, unmanned aerial vehicles will be put into official service, and survivors can explore a broader space ~

system startup conditions

unmanned aerial vehicle system is a relatively high-end core technology. In the virus end, when the old civilization was almost destroyed, it cannot be used by the whole people for the time being, so there are certain startup conditions

the UAV system depends on the manor level and can be turned on after reaching a certain level. The survivors will not be able to use the drone when they fail to meet the opening conditions, nor can they buy the drone sold by others in the trading market

the assembly of the drone

the drone needs to be made by the survivors themselves, and the survivors can use five necessary modules to assemble the drone

the attribute of UAV is the sum of the attributes of each model. Survivors can assemble their own UAV according to their own needs and conditions

it should be noted that the power consumption of the other four modules needs to be less than or equal to enable them to obtain the output power of 1 positioning energy GH1 at the energy core, so as to ensure that the energy can bear the operation of UAV

use of UAV

after successfully assembling the UAV, survivors can put the UAV into the cabin for use. The drone placed in the cabin can be released and will automatically follow the survivors after release. For the released drones, survivors can manually control the drones to fly, providing effective assistance to survivors

medical drones can return blood to survivors

combat drones can project bombs to attack enemies

self exploding drones can rush into enemy groups and explode to cause damage

weight bearing drones can help survivors place resources

reduce the burden of backpacks

this machine mainly tests the physical properties of raw materials, finished products and semi-finished products. These abilities of drones can extend the senses of survivors in the end world, Put the survivors' eyes higher and farther. The hope of survival is rekindled with the light of technology. Survivors will survive better

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