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Three key words of UPS industry: industry, product, demand

the development of UPS industry market seems to be "unknown". As the blood supply heart of the information system, although there has been no major breakthrough in technology, when the information investment has set off a new round of upsurge, it has also created a bright prospect for the application of ups

the investment scale of IT industry continues to expand, driving the vigorous development of finance, education and other related industries. According to CCID Consulting, the global UPS market continued to grow in 2005, with sales revenue of US $5.06 billion, an increase of 4.1% over 2004. The sales volume exceeded 20million units, reaching 22million units. Driven by broadband and third-generation network communications, the global UPS market is expected to continue to grow in the next three years. For a long time, the 1035 plan can provide policy support and guarantee for the development of the industry. It is expected that the annual growth rate of sales will be about 4%

facing the rapidly changing market, the competition of manufacturers has gradually turned from disorder to rational and long-term harmonious development. According to relevant experts, UPS applications are gradually moving from low-end to high-end applications, and the scope will also be extended and expanded. In the interview, I learned that manufacturers will focus on industries, products and services, which will become the three key words of UPS industry in the future

industry: meet the second investment boom

according to CCID Consulting data, in China's UPS market in 2005, compared with 2004, the vertical market share correspondingly appeared on the horizontal part of the - curve, which was characterized by the rise of medium-sized enterprises and education, government and education markets, which was mainly due to the overall development of the economy, and the national policies also promoted the demand of the education market

at present, the traditional application concept has changed in the education market. The state has increased its investment in educational infrastructure year by year, and is actively and steadily promoting the construction of modern distance education projects in rural primary and secondary schools. With the implementation of the national distance education plan, manufacturers have focused on it. It is reported that in 2006 alone, the central and local governments will invest a total of about 2billion yuan for the implementation of the "modern distance education project for rural primary and secondary schools". The relevant person in charge said that the modern distance education project for rural primary and secondary schools is not only a long-term and systematic complex project, but also a hope project for rural education, which is of great significance. As for the choice of UPS for infrastructure, we should be cautious. Recently, Santak Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was named on the golden list. Santak obtained the qualification of UPS product supplier after strict review, thus winning the ticket to compete in the education market and taking the lead

as attractive as the education industry, there is also the application demand of the rural credit cooperatives (hereinafter referred to as "rural credit") industry. In the past two years, driven by the national financial policy and institutional integration, all regions have begun to establish rural credit cooperatives. This trend has also received great attention from UPS manufacturers. Judging from the current situation of equipment selection, it is still in the situation of "separation of Princes". A real leading manufacturer has not been formed in this field, and competing for the qualification has become the top priority. Due to the particularity of the industry, some traditional Zhimin manufacturers have been favored by users. It is reported that Shante ranks first in the selection of two major agricultural provinces, Henan and Hunan

in this model selection, Santak c1ks-3c10ks series products have been highly praised. Industry insiders believe that according to the actual situation of rural credit cooperatives, compared with other competitors, Santak's products can better meet the goals of safety, progressiveness, applicability and economy, and are also expected to open up a broader application market for Santak. The successful model selection in Henan and Hunan provinces also provides a useful reference for other provinces

relevant experts predict that the application field of ups will further spread. In addition to the above fields, the energy field will also become a hot spot for investment and will see a large growth

products: from "small" to "large" grow with applications

according to the survey from authoritative departments, nearly 50% of users' purchase intentions are concentrated in the 3-10kva power range, that is, medium and high-power UPS systems. This also reflects the current market situation. It should be gradually upgraded from individual and family to enterprise and industry level applications. In the face of massive data and complex information systems, medium and high-power products have also become the mainstream of the market. According to CCID Consulting data, medium and high-power products will account for three quarters of the UPS market demand in 2005

the transformation of demand also directly affects the transformation of manufacturers' market strategy. Santak, a famous UPS manufacturer in the industry, started with small power products. In the small power market, Santak has achieved good performance with advanced technology and high-quality service, and has accumulated rich R & D strength. At the same time, he also made a keen judgment on the future development of UPS products. Santer believes that high frequency, digitalization and intelligence are the development trend of ups

with years of technology accumulation, Santak launched 3a3, a brand-new three in three out UPS, which integrates the most advanced technological achievements in the field of power electronics and automatic control. Industry experts believe that this is also a milestone in the technological revolution of the UPS industry. The 3a3ups module uses the most advanced DSP as the central controller. Its powerful computing ability can replace most of the control functions completed by hardware in the traditional ups with software, which not only greatly improves the reliability and accuracy, but also facilitates the upgrade and maintenance. In the development of new products, Santak has been adhering to the product design concept of "customer-oriented" if the change-over switch is in the "fast back" position, leading the application of medium and high-power UPS market

people in the industry believe that UPS products are not the second standard. At the same time, users' ideas also need to be correctly guided. For example, at present, many users still prefer power frequency machines. In foreign countries, power frequency machines have been completely replaced by more advanced high-frequency machines. From the long-term development of UPS Technology, the wide application of high-frequency machine is also the general trend. With the advent of the wave of new technology applications, it is also crucial for users to make correct choices

service: demand innovation growth point

some people compare UPS vividly to the blood supply system of information system, which fully shows the importance of UPS system. At the same time, the importance of service is self-evident. Service has become a hot spot in the industry

recently, the ups branch of China Computer Users Association selected the user satisfaction award, and Santak won the crown with high-end quality and efficient service. Santer believes that under the current market background, the differentiation of products and technologies in the UPS market is shrinking, and the comprehensive consumer experience begins to determine user satisfaction. The function of service is not only an effective means for manufacturers to break through the dilemma of homogenization, but also a core element to maintain good customer relations and build a differentiated strategic competitive advantage of enterprises

based on its deep understanding and high understanding of services, Santak pioneered the spirit of "ups" in the industry, providing users with "uninterrupted" services to ensure the normal operation of users' systems. Standard and efficient service is the core competitiveness of Santak. Adhering to uncompromising quality, innovative technology and standardized and efficient service, Santak has established a good reputation among users

the head of UPS branch of China Computer Users Association believes that the competition of ups will be more diversified, from product competition to service competition. The market and users need more comprehensive services from manufacturers. The purpose of this award is to build a platform for industry manufacturers to learn and exchange, promote the successful experience of award-winning manufacturers, and drive the overall improvement of UPS industry service level. From a single product provider to a full process service provider, UPS manufacturers have created new profit growth points

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