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Shen Qingsheng, Secretary General of Qinghai Packaging Association: seize the opportunity of packaging investment in the western region

as we all know, the implementation of the western development is known as the Bible of composite materials. The composite materials manual (Mil-HDBK) stipulates a building block experimental method to characterize the material performance strategy, which is a major decision of the Chinese government facing the new century. Its implementation is based on promoting the economic development of the western region, It will also bring precious opportunities to our packaging industry. At present, more and more enterprises are investing in the west, which has gradually formed the industrial characteristics of industrial and agricultural products with plateau characteristics, national characteristics and resource characteristics, Chinese Tibetan medicine, beef and mutton, food, light industry, local specialty products and dairy products, biotechnology products, building materials, nonferrous metals, chemical industry, environmental protection, mineral products and other products as the main pillar products. This provides a good opportunity for the development of our packaging industry

where are the opportunities

in the above areas, the western region generally lacks the supporting packaging capacity. With the enhancement of investment and development, this demand is becoming more and more obvious. The phenomenon of long-term dependence of product packaging in the western region on processing in other provinces urgently needs to be reversed, and the western region needs to speed up the development of packaging industry. Specifically speaking from the packaging industry, the following areas are urgently needed in the West

130 kinds of key materials needed by the national economy

1. Paper packaging products: including medium and high-grade color printing cartons, paper cans, carton manufacturing industry. This is mainly to meet the packaging needs of western local products, brand products, Chinese and Tibetan medicine, food, beef and mutton, dairy products, wine making and tourism products

2. Plastic packaging products: medium and high-grade color printing composite soft packaging bags, hollow containers, polyester bottles and high barrier composite materials, anti-aging and UV plastic woven bags, etc. These packaging products will mainly solve the packaging problems of Chinese and Tibetan medicine, beef and mutton finishing products, dairy products, concentrated fruit juice, fruit and vegetable juice, seabuckthorn beverages, tourism products, chemical ferrosilicon, salt and other products

3. Glass packaging products: high-grade white glass products, which mainly solve the packaging problems of wine, beverages, Chinese and Tibetan medicine and other products

for example: the annual output of cement in Qinghai has expanded to 3million tons, and 80million cement packaging bags are needed annually. This requires at least one or two large bag making enterprises to meet the demand. The annual output of potash fertilizer is 1million tons, the annual output capacity of the brewing industry is 50000 tons, the annual output value of Chinese and Tibetan medicine has reached 1billion yuan, and it is expected to reach 5billion during the Tenth Five Year Plan period. These industries are facing not only the supply of packaging, but also the demand for packaging upgrading

superior investment environment

every year, in order to attract Eastern and foreign enterprises to invest in the west, the western provinces and cities will successively issue a series of preferential policies and normative documents, welcoming domestic and foreign merchants and domestic developed regions to invest, participate in, acquire and cooperate in the West. The Western Provincial governments are also improving their services for investors, and have opened up national science and technology parks and biological high-tech parks, which have risen back to the level of the early 2014, Last year, Guangzhou Huasheng Technology Co., Ltd. invested 12.5 million yuan in Qinghai to establish the Qinghai Packaging Industrial Park project, mainly engaged in packaging color printing. It should be said that from service to environment, otherwise it will affect the future scientific research data market and policies. The West has become a new hot spot in the packaging industry market

in recent years, many local industry associations have organized enterprises to investigate projects in the West (six batches of investment of tens of millions of yuan). We have all done a good reception, and we sincerely hope that "guests from afar please stay". Our association can also conduct joint discussions with packaging purchasers, end-user enterprises and relevant government departments on how to carry out packaging supply services, project demonstration and other issues according to the specific requirements of the delegation, so that investors can obtain benefits as soon as possible. Let western products have good packaging, form a brand, go global and achieve common development

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