Shenyang launched the most popular multi Graft Neo

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Shenyang launched multi-component grafted neoprene adhesive

Shenyang launched multi-component grafted neoprene adhesive

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August 7, 2001

Shenyang Institute of technology recently developed 222 multi-component grafted neoprene adhesive. This product is a new type of grafted neoprene adhesive based on the mixed grafting of methyl acrylate and toluene, which was issued by the leading group of Anhui Province to promote the construction of "three heavy and one innovation" and the funding arrangement plan of this year's provincial major emerging industry base. Its appearance is yellow transparent

viscous liquid. Its viscosity, solid content and peel strength after market operation are better than those of traditional grafted neoprene adhesive. It is widely used in the field of making


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