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Shenyang xiangpapermaking environmental destruction enterprise "knife"

although Shenyang smooth connect was established in 2004 and passed the technical acceptance of the national technology inspection team for modeling, there are still many environmental problems to be solved. Yesterday, the Shenyang Environmental Protection Bureau held a meeting and decided to declare war on the 10 existing environmental violations with the goal of improving environmental quality and ensuring people's health

the focus and scope of this action are: 1. Environmental pollution and ecological damage that affect social stability when the oil pressure system is seriously leaking oil, smoke pollution that endangers the physical and mental health of the masses and normal life, and noise pollution in residential areas. 2. Construction projects without environmental impact assessment according to law. 3. The resurgent "Fifteenth small" and "new fifth small" enterprises, the production equipment, processes and products that endanger the health of the people and have not been eliminated by the end of 2002, are required in documents No. 6, No. 16 and No. 32 of the State Economic and Trade Commission. 4. The processing of waste hardware and electrical appliances, waste wires and cables and waste motors with backward technology and serious secondary pollution, as well as small steel, cement, coking, oil refining and other industries. 5. All kinds of industrial pollution sources that have reached the standard, especially the illegal acts of illegal discharge and unauthorized shutdown of pollution treatment facilities in heavily polluting industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, smelting, electroplating, papermaking, brewing, slaughtering, etc. 6. Enterprises that fail to complete the treatment tasks within a time limit on schedule or have suspended production for treatment but resume production without authorization. 7. Environmental violations in centralized drinking water sources. 8. Thoroughly investigate the current situation of radioactive sources in our city, safely collect and store idle and abandoned radioactive sources, remove radioactive pollution hazards, and establish an effective supervision system. 9. The national technical inspection team proposed that the convergence advantage is located at the junction of the Pan Pearl River Delta and the Pan Beibu Gulf Economic Zone. 10. Carry out a comprehensive clean-up of the problems reflected by the masses' complaints since 2003, and feed back the handling to the masses

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