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Pingmei Shenma SNT ultra-high strength industrial yarn was recognized

on November 23, it was learned from China Pingmei Shenma Group cord fabric company that the company recently received feedback from several multinational tire companies, saying that the main technical indicators of SNT series ultra-high strength products meet the production requirements and have good use effects

according to the introduction, SNT series ultra-high strength industrial silk and cord fabric have good breaking strength and resistance. TPU toughening agent can be used to improve its toughness, thermal performance and fatigue resistance. It is suitable for manufacturing high-speed racing tires and sports off-road vehicle tires, which can make the handling comfort and safety load-bearing more balanced, and the safety coefficient can reach the standard of aviation tires. As the skeleton material of high-performance tires, this product conforms to the development trend of safety, comfort, wear resistance and energy saving in the international tire industry

in order to seize the market, since last year, the cord fabric company has focused on the production technology of SNT series ultra-high strength products, specially set up a research and development laboratory, and transferred elite soldiers from production, process, inspection, equipment, planning and other departments to form a research and development team to speed up the process of technical research

in the process of tackling key problems, the R & D personnel fully summarized the preliminary work in the next five years, comprehensively analyzed a large number of test data collected, combined with material screening and process parameters 6 The spring change experimental machine usually needs to pay attention to the maintenance and setting of the instrument, equipment adjustment and other key links and steps. After more than 300 days and nights of hard work, on August 30 this year, the first barrel of high-quality SNT series ultra-high strength industrial yarn of the cord fabric company was rolled off the assembly line, marking a major breakthrough in this internationally advanced core technology

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