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Shenzhen industrial robot training institution Shenzhen ABB Robot training

our zhuorei vocational training school has built a set of talent training system with major enterprises as the main platform for the company to lay out new energy metal materials. Major integrators and robot manufacturers work with zhuorei to develop courses, certification courses and assessment systems to ensure that students who pass the course assessment have the ability to work in major enterprises. Under such a system, major enterprises have a more in-depth understanding of the students' abilities in the training process. For enterprises, the ability basis of students is determined, which can more effectively and quickly hire the professional skilled talents they need. For students, some enterprises that cannot enter for some reasons are naturally willing to provide employment opportunities to our students after zhuorei graduates, because the enterprises recognize our courses and assessment system, and the students can obtain three certificates after graduation

the training cost of industrial robots is not cheap. Everyone is willing to work hard to learn more about several institutions and pay more field visits in order not to waste money. You can make an appointment to listen to the course and experience the learning of industrial robots in the base. In the pursuit of efficiency in modern society, industrial robots are facing the industrial field. Because of their strong versatility, multi joint manipulator, multi degrees of freedom and other advantages, they are widely used in manufacturing, automotive, electronic and electrical appliances, food and other industries. Their production advantages are increasingly prominent, which saves labor and greatly improves production efficiency. Immediately, the storm of "machine replacement" hit various industries, and the industrial robot training industry grew rapidly. Before we take part in industrial robot training, we have to find out what we learn in industrial robot training? As the saying goes, only by clearing the vein can you treat the symptoms. The common ones are: drugging. You need to know this before you figure out the key to the problem. What are the most significant production characteristics of industrial robots? 1. Programmable industrial robots can be reprogrammed according to the needs of their work tasks and environmental changes. Manual input of operating procedures is required to ensure the normal production and use of equipment. Therefore, programming learning is a very important part of industrial robot training. 2. In Chinaplas 2017, in addition to specially designed industrial robots, general industrial robots have good versatility when performing different tasks. For example, changing the end manipulator (claw, tool, etc.) of the industrial robot hand can perform different tasks. 3. Humanoid industrial robots have human like walking, waist turning, big arms, small arms, wrists, claws and other parts in mechanical structure, and computers in control. In addition, intelligent industrial robots have many "biosensors" similar to humans that can really make graphene grow well, such as skin contact sensors, force sensors, load sensors, visual sensors, sound sensors, language functions, etc. Sensors improve the adaptability of industrial robots to the surrounding environment

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