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Shenyang carries out special rectification of the printing and Reproduction Industry

according to the times business daily, from now on to the end of June, Shenyang will spend more than four months to focus on the special rectification of the printing and reproduction industry. A. the separation of screw rod and machine base. The municipal Party committee and the municipal government are determined to ban unlicensed black dens, curb piracy, and eliminate the printing of fake trademarks, fake packaging, and fake tickets through this special rectification

yesterday, a notice on the "special rectification work plan for the printing and reproduction industry" jointly issued by the Publicity Department of the Shenyang municipal Party committee, the Publishing Bureau and other eight committees and bureaus was urgently distributed to all relevant departments

it is reported that this is the largest special rectification activity in the printing and Reproduction Industry in Shenyang since 2002

the printing and reproduction market is chaotic

it is reported that as of October 2004, Shenyang has a total of 2310 printing and reproduction business units, with as many as 80000 employees

heshuhua, deputy director of the Publicity Department of the Shenyang municipal Party committee, pointed out that the most prominent problems in the industry are piracy, fake trademarks and fake packaging, which have been banned repeatedly. A few enterprises carry out illegal activities for personal interests regardless of social benefits, which is the top priority of the rectification work

focus on banning unlicensed black dens although the sharp decline in Russian imported extruders in October

for this reason, the Publicity Department of the Shenyang municipal Party committee, the Publishing Bureau, the Public Security Bureau, the industry and Commerce Bureau, the Quality Supervision Bureau, the copyright completion multi-channel closed-loop control bureau, the Municipal Leading Group office for rectifying and standardizing the market economic order and the municipal cultural market administrative law enforcement corps jointly established a leading group for the special rectification of the printing and reproduction industry from now until the end of June, Check the printing enterprises in the whole city one by one, focus on banning the printing and reproduction dens without licenses, and renovate the small and medium-sized printing and reproduction enterprises around schools, residential areas, urban-rural fringe, rural areas, as well as carton, plastic printing and binding enterprises

at the same time, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government have drawn up a timetable for this special rectification work: by the end of March, the industrial and commercial department should complete the ban and punishment of unauthorized or unauthorized establishment of printing business units and units engaged in printing business activities, and those who constitute a crime will be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law; By the end of April, complete the investigation and handling of publications, packaging and decoration and other printing business activities that contain reactionary, obscene, superstitious content and "Falun Gong" and other content that are expressly prohibited from printing by the state; By the end of May, complete the investigation and handling of cases of fake trademarks and fake advertisements, as well as the investigation and handling of illegal printing of notices, circulars, work permits, passes, valuable tickets, degree certificates, academic certificates and other printing and reproduction activities

whistleblowers will be rewarded

according to the report reward policy issued by the committees and offices, Shenyang printing, reproduction and rectification office has also set up a special reward fund. For the people who report violations of laws and regulations, the comprehensive law enforcement agencies of publishing, public security, industry and commerce, quality supervision and cultural market at all levels will give rewards, and the reward funds will be paid from the fines and confiscations. The amount of reward will refer to the reward standards of the past "anti pornography and anti illegal" office

at the same time, Shenyang Municipal rectification Office disclosed the report to the public:

new enterprises will be suspended during the rectification period

during this special rectification period, Shenyang will suspend the approval of newly established printing and reproduction enterprises and business units; The printing and reproduction enterprises that fail to meet the standards are required to rectify before June 30, 2005. All relevant government departments have the obligation to guide the enterprises that fail to meet the standards to unite, merge, finance, expand shares and expand the use of electronic tensile testing machines in metals, steel and aluminum foil materials, so as to achieve the qualification conditions stipulated by the state; For those who fail to meet the qualification conditions after the deadline for rectification, their printing business licenses will be revoked in accordance with the relevant national and provincial regulations, and the administrative department for Industry and Commerce will change or cancel their registration

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