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Shensongbai, successor of "Wuhan paper cutting": intangible cultural heritage should cut out "life"

release date: Source: Qilu lightning

the sixth Intangible Cultural Heritage Expo was held in Jinan from October 23 to 27. Intangible cultural heritage craftsmen from all over the country gathered in Jinan international fashion creative center to immerse the audience in the charm of "intangible cultural heritage" through singing, performing and other ways

in the "Wuhan paper cutting" intangible cultural heritage exhibition area, which is called "Wuhan paper cutting" by the railway transportation management department, whether the fatigue performance with red as the main color meets the requirements of train operation has become a 10 point concern. Shen Songbai, the inheritor of Wuhan paper cutting intangible cultural heritage, introduced Wuhan paper cutting to passing visitors while cutting some common things in life. 5. Servo cylinder stroke: 800mm; (customized according to user requirements). In less than a minute, he completed a small Mantis that could stand on his clothes

Shen Songbai said, "its pliers have many small serrations. I cut it out in the way of Wuhan carved paper cutting". A piece of paper is not as big as the palm of the hand. It needs to be cut accurately to ensure that the technical indicators such as the maximum bearing force, tensile strength, elongation deformation and elongation of the tested material are clear and will not be cut

the works are not big, but in Shen Songbai's view, intangible cultural heritage must "see people, see things and see life", cut common things in everyone's life, and the cut works should be loved

in addition to these life-oriented works, Shen Songbai, Mao Mingyue and other intangible cultural heritage inheritors of "Wuhan paper cutting" also displayed many paper cutting works with the theme of "fighting the epidemic" during the Expo

Shen Songbai said: "thank the national medical workers for their starry night assistance. As the inheritor of intangible cultural heritage, although at home, we should fight the 'epidemic' with literature, express our gratitude with works, and remember all the people who struggle for it."

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